About The Grand Disillusion

I became disillusioned when I realized how much our mainstream media is NOT telling us.  There are BIG things going on in the world that affect each one of us, and we aren’t being told the truth – the mainstream media uses the ‘lie by omission’ method so to speak, and finds interesting ways to entertain us rather than report what is really going on in the world that may affect us. 

The more I research, the more I find out, the more upset I become and the more I want to know.  I have stumbled upon some things that I believe most people would also have an opinion on – if they knew the truth, so I created this blog to share those truths as I find them. 

I realize that its not easy to finally see the truth, because ‘the lie’ is so appealing, and I don’t think any of us like being lied to – that in itself is hard to accept.  But the reality is ‘the lie’ is very dangerous to us all – and it truly becomes our responsibility to search out the truth.  

I don’t post tinfoil hat types of conspiracies (oh sure its fun to talk about UFOs and aliens, but that is not what this blog is about),  so rest assured that when it comes to things that I post here, I have researched and verified from several sources.  The information that I post is VERY REAL and you, as a human being, owe it to yourself to verify these things as well.  I try to post links to reliable sources of information whenever possible, so that you too can begin your quest for truth and honesty. 

The truth shall set you free!


  1. thankyou for the post about the health bill.
    maybe it will go to the supreme court

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    • Is there anything else I could read to learn more about this topic? This really cleared this question up for me. It’s crazy how wrong they were. Geez, that’s unbelievable. Be cool if you were closer to me so we could be friends.

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