Posted by: Disillusioned | November 28, 2009

Monsanto Documentary

Please visit this link to learn more about what Monsanto has been doing recently – even going after seed cleaners now and making it so communities cannot stop genetically modified crops from being grown even though it contaminates other crops.  This company is really wreaking havoc with our food system.  Please educate yourselves on this issue.



  1. Conventional seeds also contaminate GMO crops. When you buy GMO seed, about 2 or 3 percent is conventional. Please educate yourselves on this issue.

    • You’re missing the point Shill. The difference being that Monsanto sues farmers who’s crops have been contaminated with GMO seeds, but farmer’s do not have the same right or ability to sue Monsanto for GM seeds contaminating THEIR crops. There is corruption in Monsanto, and it appears you are on their payroll! I’ve seen your replies to other posts on the subject – some you say you live in the woods, others say you are a farmer in the midwest, yet on some posts you happen to know which plants are native to Hawaii and which plants have been imported, and you circulate GMO theology articles to your colleagues – doesn’t quite sound like the naturalist in the mountains or the farmer in the midwest does it? I, and many others see through your game. Just curious but how much does Monsanto pay you to post on the internet on their behalf?

  2. OMG this is GREAT! I am the first to admit I am not an expert on the subject, however, I JUST saw a show about Monsanto and this very same issue. They have their own employees, or people somehow associated with them, go to blogs and say things like Schiller just did. As far as I am concerned, Schiller’s comment just gave these videos and your blog more credibility than ever!!! I love it – glad you caught on to him!!!

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