Posted by: Disillusioned | June 28, 2009

Lots Going on this Past Week

Celebrity Losses

The world lost some icons this past week.  Ed McMahan, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and this morning Billie Mayes.  May they rest in peace – they will be missed.

So while the mainstream media was focused on Michael Jackson, what happened behind the scenes?

Cap and Trade Bill

The Cap and Trade bill passed the House of Representatives.  This bill had 300 pages added onto it at 2:30 in the morning before it was to be voted on – nobody was able to read those 300 pages before they voted.  This bill will be the largest federal tax in the history of our nation.  Please educate yourself on this bill, learn how it impacts you and how it impacts our country, and let your Senators know how you feel about it.  It is up to each one of us to educate ourselves and make our voices heard.  

Here is opinion from WorldNetDaily in case you don’t have time to google it for yourself:  

Obama’s “Carbon Tax” Plan Cost: $150-billion in NEW Taxes and a 10-Year Program To Develop Renewable Energy Supplies That Don’t Even Exist Yet!

  • Wind and solar combined can’t even produce 1 percent of our needs yet
  • Gas prices will be deliberately raised to make us cut back
  • Heating bills will be forced up so much we’ll be freezing in the dark
  • Ethanol schemes are already shooting food prices through the roof
  • Emission rules will be so harsh that jobs will flee to other countries

The Great Carbon Lie – Carbon Emissions Cause Global Warming

The basis of the Obama “Green Energy Tax” is the “Great Carbon Lie” that carbon emissions cause global warming. This has been proven to be completely wrong and based on bad science. Proof of this comes from Gore’s own eco-friends at the United Nations with two simple pieces of data.

  1. Average Global Temperatures Have Decreased in the Last 10 Years.
  2. Carbon Emissions Have Increased 10 fold in the Last 10 Years.

If you are curious how THE PEOPLE feel about this, there is an interactive poll at this website where you can vote, put in your state, and see a display of how many people have voted for what from each state.

Hate Crimes Prevention Act

A threat to the 1st Amendment, the Hate Crimes Prevention Bill, has also passed the House and moving to the Senate for vote.  Again, I urge you to educate yourself, form your opinion and let your senators know how you feel!  Given that mainstream media has accomplished its essential work of demonizing constitutionalists and patriot groups and individuals as domestic terrorists, and corporate media propaganda continues to deliver the message that opposition to illegal immigration, abortion, and support for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is “extremism” that will result in the murder of late term abortion doctors, police officers, and security guards, there may be implications to this bill that aren’t apparent from its title.  Learn all you can about it and make your voice heard!


The situation in Iran has been blamed on the US and Britain.  In fact, this morning, the staffers of the British Embassy were arrested for being behind the civil unrest in that country.


This morning we wake up to the story of a coup taking place in Honduras.  Manuel Zelaya, the president of Honduras, has been arrested by soldiers after he vowed to go ahead with a controversial referendum on constitutional changes, his allies and local media say.

North Korea

In addition to threatening to fire a missile towards Hawaii on July 4th, and threatening to wipe out the United States, North Korea is also threatening to shoot down Japan military aircraft.,2933,528880,00.html

Thats it for now.  Educate yourself, make your voice heard and stay alert.


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