Posted by: Disillusioned | May 16, 2009

The Civilest of Wars

I’m not a Glenn Beck fan.  He has used lies too many times to try to discredit real and serious situations – and folks that do not do their own research will take what he says at face value – so, please, if you are a Glenn Beck fan, please do your research – do not accept ANYTHING government or media says right now at face value – it is your right and your DUTY to ask questions.  This particular show brings to light some very important information for our country.  Please take time to watch it and think seriously about how this affects you, your state, and your country.  At last count I believe there were 33 states doing similar things.  Its time for us to stand up folks – its time to stand up for what is right!  Call your state representatives, your governors and your senators – write letters and emails.  Let them know how you feel and what you expect from them.


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