Posted by: Disillusioned | April 28, 2009

Flu – List of Things to have on hand

Here is the list of things you should have on hand.  There is a slight sense of urgency on the painter masks and Airborne – in a few days you won’t be able to find them anywhere.  Do not wait assuming you won’t need them. 

  • Colloidal Silver

  • Painter masks – get these at walmart or home depot in painting section of the store

  • tissues with anti-virus in them

  • a can of lysol to spray computer keyboard and doorknobs and such

  • Airborne – get the no name brand – they have one identical for nearly half the price at Walmart

  • zinc lozenges

  • 7-up – keep some hidden in case anyone gets sick to try to keep them hydrated

  • Mucinex

  • Tylenol and/or Motrin

  • If you are into getting vitamins get echinachea, vitamin D3, vitamin A and vitamin C – but if you get airborne it already has these in it.

  • get hand washing liquid soap – something that kills bacteria

  • paper towels – much better at controlling bacteria than using a towel

  • tea – not sure it truly matters what kind but get a better kind like a green tea so you at least get antioxidants

Here is a link to a live updated google map tracking swine flu cases so you can see where it is in the nation:,-111.357422&spn=35.796953,63.896484&z=4

Here is an oral rehydration recipe (same thing as pedialyte with the real ingredients)

 Preparing a 1 (one) litre oral rehydration solution [ORS] using Salt, Sugar and Water at Home. 


one level teaspoon of salt
eight level teaspoons of sugar
one litre of clean drinking or boiled water and then cooled
5 cupfuls (each cup about 200 ml.)
Stir the mixture till the salt and sugar dissolve.



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