Posted by: Disillusioned | April 16, 2009

Tax Cuts, Tea Parties, Bird Flu and Veterans Labeled as Extremist Recruits

The White House has plans to counter the tea party message with an event to remind Americans that the president cut taxes in the stimulus package. In remarks in Washington on Wednesday, Obama said he’d been true to campaign promises to lessen the tax burden on most Americans.

“My administration has taken far-reaching action to give tax cuts to Americans who need them while jump-starting growth and job creation in the process,” the president said. A tax cut enacted April 1, Obama said, “will reach 120 million families and put $120 billion directly into their pockets.”

According to the IRS, the plan offers a refundable tax credit of up to $400 for working individuals and up to $800 for married taxpayers who file joint returns.

I found a bit more information on exactly what those tax credits look like to us:

“Individuals will get a tax credit of $400, while couples will get $800. The tax credit payments, expected to start around June, will be spread out through the rest of 2009 in the form of reduced federal tax withholdings taken from workers’ paychecks. For 2009, the tax credit will amount to about an extra $13 per week and about $7.70 a week in 2010. Individuals with annual taxable incomes in excess of $100,000, and couples filing jointly with incomes in excess of $200,000 will not be eligible for the workers’ tax credits. The credit begins to phase out at $75,000 for individuals and $150,000 for couples.”

There are other tax cuts explained here – first time home buyer , buying a car, children in college, alternative tax change, families with children, unemployed and small businesses.

Still doesn’t add up does it?

And this is interesting – if you have been keeping an eye on the tea parties in the news, FOX news has been taking credit for the tea party idea, MSNBC has trashed FOX news all week about it, and now it appears CNN is now a part of that whole media circus.  I’m glad to see people doing something – at least they are trying to do SOMETHING – note how the reporter doesn’t let this man make his point and is quite aggressive with him – apparently she is very excited that he qualifies for his $400 but he’s not so impressed……  Its too bad he didn’t get to make his point……  Note also that the title of this clip states that the reporter was harrassed – I don’t think that’s what I see in the clip at all – do you?

UPDATE:  I found another video that shows a woman calling this reporter out for not reporting the situation fairly.  An example of how the news media spins things……

In other news, The number of foreclosed properties was up dramatically from 121,756 in February – that is 44% increase since February’s record high.

And, there is apparently several cases of bird flu in Egypt, but it is only affecting children – hmmmm – wonder if the vaccines might have anything to do with that given the accidental vaccine contamination earlier this year……

The consumer price index fell at an annual rate of 0.4% in March, the first decline since August 1955.

And most disturbing of all, the Homeland Security has released a report saying US forces returning from the Iraq and Afghan wars were potential right-wing extremist recruits – using Timothy McVeigh as their reason for believing this.  I cannot imagine treating our veteran’s this way after they have given all that they give in order to defend us.  I am disgusted at this.

Think about it……..  Lots going on in the world today!


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