Posted by: Disillusioned | April 3, 2009

Control of Our Food Supply


OK – a few days ago I posted a blog discussing why farmers are going to be planting LESS food this year – several different reasons were cited, but still the result is the same – less food available.


In a related story, next week there is a bill that will be voted on, called HR 875 – the Food Safety bill.  If you haven’t had a chance to review it, I definitely encourage you to do so.


There is a lot of talk about this bill, it has been interpreted as outlawing organic farming, and even backyard gardens, still others interpret the bill as outlawing non-hybrid seeds and forcing use of specific pesticides and fertilizers.  Hearing all this is enough to convince me that we should sit up and pay attention to what this bill is all about.


One of the companies supposedly behind the bill is called Monsanto.


Doing a quick google search on this company revealed some very interesting information.  This company is who puts out ‘Round-Up’, and genetically modified seeds.  What I found interesting is that this company tried to get a patent on pig breeding, which many claim is nothing more than patenting the same artificial insemination techniques used by pig farmers for a hundred years.  Basically Monsanto was trying to own the rights to any pig bred using this technique.


More information on this company show that many farmers in the United States have been sued for saving seeds from one crop to use the next year.  One farmer did not buy or plant Monsanto seeds, but had them blow onto his property, and Monsanto also attempted to sue him for rights of the plants.


But the most interesting story of all is 82,000 hectares of Monsanto corn planted in Africa grew beautiful plants, but there was no corn inside.  Monsanto claims it was not properly fertilized.


Please educate yourself on this bill and think about the possible ramifications of it being entered into law.  The short research on just one of the companies that would benefit from this law surely shows the importance of this.


Think about it.



  1. Actually, the Monsanto bastards WON that lawsuit, as I understand! This is criminal behavior and should be unlawful, but corporations MAKE the laws, don’t they? It’s absolutely disgusting how they can make it the law to poison us to make us rely on drugs they also manufacture. The NWO is indeed in presence here.

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