Posted by: Disillusioned | April 2, 2009

It’s Not as Bad as We Think……..

Back on March 12, Obama stated that the economic crisis is ‘not as bad as we think’

I differ in opinion on that

Private employers cut jobs by a record 742,000 in March versus a 706,000 revised cut in February that was originally reported at 697,000 jobs

North Korea has started fueling their rocket, but we still don’t know what the payload is.   They plan to launch between April 4th and April 8th, and have threatened to shoot down any US spy planes in their airspace.  Several nations are poised to shoot down this rocket – this will really prove to be interesting folks – keep an eye on it…..

Global Trade is in Freefall

We should all plan on seeing a lot of new and interesting taxes

California is handing out wristbands to folks living in this tent city – more than half must leave,0,1589130.story

And for anyone out there who still think the New World Order is only Conspiracy Theory, here’s one just for you:

Think about it – is there anything we can do about any of this?

Here are some fantastic examples of people doing something about it

Walgreen’s giving free healthcare to jobless

Store offers free necklaces for the jobless and homeless    

I know there are many other examples – if you know of other examples, please comment to this post with more examples so that perhaps we can inspire people to somehow help each other in some way………


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