Posted by: Disillusioned | April 1, 2009


Is there a shortage of food coming?  Or rising food prices?  It depends on which media you read or listen to:

U.S. Food Prices Predicted to Rise 7 Percent in 2009,2933,448424,00.html

Corn Plummets 31% as Soybeans Fall 28% in Forecast

The nation’s farmers are expected to plant fewer acres of corn and wheat

Part of the problem stems from protein producers’ plans to cut back on production in the next year to avoid paying more for animal feed, which has been a huge weight on profits as the cost of corn has skyrocket.

Outlooks for U.S. farmers to plant less cropland to corn and more to soybeans this spring could mean corn will notch $5 a bushel in 2009, grain analysts told the Reuters Food Agricultural Summit in Chicago on Tuesday.

Idaho dairy farmers cut back as dairy prices drop

Calif. farmers slash planting to cope with drought

Confusing isn’t it?  What is true and what isn’t?



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