Posted by: Disillusioned | March 29, 2009

Post from 3/27/09

World Currency
So – does the US want one world curency or not? Watch to the end of this video, because they estimate that each child born, is born owing $127,000 each to the government.

 Here’s the impacts of Geitner’s world currency remark (value of dollar nosedives on this news):


And just to keep us confused: Warning of U.S. Military Action if China Pushes for Global Currency

War Threats?

Japan Has Decided to Shoot Down North Korea Missile, NHK Says (remember last week North Korea made threats if anyone were to shoot it down?)
US deploys warships as North Korea prepares to launch missile

 Wonder what’s going on with the China thing that we sent warships to last week?

Volunteer Bill
Well folks, it passed the senate – and its just waiting for a signature to make it law. Perhaps soon we can find a readable copy of this new law so that we can find out what has just happened to us and to our children. One thing is for sure here, there is now more government and cost added to ‘volunteerism’ – a place I personally don’t believe the government belongs…………. The ‘mandatory volunteerism’ question still remains in my mind, and given that the government thinks this is so important right now, I have to wonder what is really in this bill…….

Georgia bank is the 21st failure this year
An easy to understand explanation of Geitner’s plan to fix the banks 

In preparation of Geitner’s toxic debt plan, big banks are aggressively bidding for toxic debt in the open market, specifically “Citigroup and Bank of America (what is wrong with THIS picture?);_ylt=AhXmlqlOm3Q4JcQZbHypaN1l7ot4?tickers=BAC,C,GS,JPM,XLF,FAS,SKF

Big bank execs meet with Obama


FAA to seal records of bird strikes – now why would we feel the need to keep that information secret?
Another airplane crash due to ice

However the first ice caused crash may not have been caused by ice…..

Until next time………….


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