Posted by: Disillusioned | March 29, 2009

March 29, 2009


Well we’re still here – there are still many small earthquake clusters in Chino Hills, and Bombay Beach (Salton Sea, near San Diego) – but not a big one yet (knock on wood)…….  It will be interesting to see if these predictors have figured out anything truly accurate – so we wait…..

In the meantime I’ve done a bit of research and was reminded that during his campaign, Obama had promised to have our troops out of Iraq by March 31, 2009 – he would start working that on Day One in office – that deadline is in two days……

Here’s another interesting and disappointing appointment to the White House – AIG director appointed to Tax Force – White House declines comment

And I find this just a bit interesting – compare the amount of money the government gave GM with the amount of money given say, AIG or the banks, but Obama made GM CEO resign?  Lets see – $9 billion versus $180 billion?  AIG director gets promoted to the White House but the GM CEO gets canned?  What is wrong with this picture (besides the bailouts in the first place)?



There have been several folks attempting to predict earthquakes in addition to the USGS.  Today is supposedly going to be a decent sized earthquake in southern California – one guy is predicting 96% chance of a 4.6 and 6.0 earthquake in Los Angeles area in the next six days, with today being the most likely.  The local news has been running reports on all three major stations about the unusual earthquake activity near Salton Sea (by San Diego) the last few days, as well, so there might be something to it.  So, the next few days will prove interesting whether predictions for earthquakes can really be accurate – here’s a few links………

It wouldn’t hurt to make sure you are prepared in case this does happen (and earthquakes do happen in many other places than California).  Think water, food, maybe a generator, strap that nice flat screen tv to the studs in the wall behind it (this is good advice for any tall piece of furniture also), and perhaps put museum putty underneath any glass vases or figurines that you may treasure or would rather avoid picking up glass splinters after a quake.  In case you are evacuated it would be wise to have important papers gathered together in one place so that you don’t have to frantically run around to find these things, when you may only have 15 minutes to figure out what is important and what isn’t (think insurance papers, birth certificates, immunization records, titles, mortgage papers, etc).  If you didn’t save water and a big one hits, one method is to immediately fill up your bathtub so that you can at least have water to flush the toilets and wash dishes for a few days – if the earthquake is big enough, there is a good chance water service will be disrupted to address any leaks that may have been caused by the earthquake – I was told this when I first moved to California and was told that you would have about 20 minutes to accompish this should this be the method of choice.  There is also water in the older style hot water heaters if you need to resort to that.  Here is a booklet put out by LAPD on emergency preparedness.


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