Posted by: Disillusioned | March 28, 2009

Post from 3/6/09













Many farms won’t be planting this spring – this impacts not only vegetables available to us, but ability for ranchers to feed their cows and chickens, causing us to also make do with less meat farms without water for 3 weeks – started March 1st 

Pay attention to this bill – HR 875 – This bill is being interpreted by some as criminalizing organic farming and the backyard gardener, preparing wild game, and a violation of the 10th amendment


.I encourage you to read the bills for yourself watching closely for definitions and phrases such as ‘any farm’, etc. you don’t have any garden seeds yet, buy them now – make sure they are non-hybrid seeds

so you will be able to save the seeds and continue to reproduce from one crop to another.

You might consider making sure you have some food storage in order.





17th bank failure in 2009 

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