Posted by: Disillusioned | March 28, 2009

Post from 3/2/09

Vaccines and Autism

Vaccines may cause autism according to recent court cases – another autism case wins in vaccine court









Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, Bosnia, Britain, Bulgaria, France

Almost need a world map by now to keep up with areas facing very troubling times – perhaps yellow pins for countries on the verge of collapse, orange pins for countries that’s governments and currencies have already collapsed and red pins for countries that have or are experiencing riots due to the economic mess in trouble

Here are businesses in Chicago having pension problems (unfortunately Boeing tops the list) – many more companies across the nation are having similar problems Texas buys guns

for $50 grocery store gift certificates – this is the fourth event like this that I’ve heard of, the other three occurred at Christmastime coin shortage

I recommend buying junk silver coins (pre-1964 silver coins) because the government can easily call in the gold like they have done in the past. Silver coins are small and lightweight making them easy to carry and use as barter, should using precious metals as currency become a necessity if our currency bites the dust. Coin dealers here do not have any in stock, but I did find some for sale on ebay. and Dolphins Beached Themselves in Australia

Nearly 200 whales and several dolphins beached themselves is believed this may occur due to magnetic field changes just prior to or just after an earthquake in the area, or sometimes may occur due to pressure changes from military sonar equipment which harms the whales and dolphins navigation abilities.

Get your dental work done

Get a tetanus shot


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