Posted by: Disillusioned | March 28, 2009

Post from 3/11/09



Very informative blog with many links to several articles. Well worth the time to take a look at this.

Note: parts of this blog have been verified, others may be speculation at this point, and I did not have time to verify every single link contained in the blog. What I did verify was enough to convince me that sending you the link to the original blog would allow you to investigate more links than if I broke it into pieces.

And in the news today (he doesn’t seem like such a nice guy……)

Drug Research


Fabricated Studies – Scarey!!

Nuclear Missiles on that B-52


Remember the missing nuclear missile story I sent you on 2/26/09? A Canadian investigative reporter apparently found information on why that may have happened (hint: it might be related to the Cheney section of this newsletter) Again – I didn’t have time to verify everything here, but will be doing that over the next few days…….

Here is the original link I sent about the nuclear missile that remains missing and suspicious deaths of those involved



Pensions in Trouble

US Companies pulling out of retirement contributions,Authorised=false.html?


Until Next Time…………


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