Posted by: Disillusioned | March 28, 2009

Post from 2/28/09

US Military

US Military Budget is classified as ‘secret’


2 more banks were closed Friday, #15 and #16 of this year


California Unemployment 10.1%



California drought – state of emergency declared’s the link to last week’s article that the Fed was cutting water for 3 weeks to California farms

Iran’s UN envoy criticized the new US ambassador, who accused Tehran of supporting terrorism and attempting to develop nuclear weapons


I’m still trying to verify the China eminent domain article from multiple sources. Although I was able to verify that China insisted on some form of guarantee that the US would repay our debt to them, and was also able to verify that Hilary Clinton did in fact meet in China last weekend, I cannot yet find multiple sources to verify the content of the agreement. As stated in my first newsletter, always verify information from several sources – be very cautious about taking anything at face value right now. There is so much internet chatter on this subject it is bound to make the news at some point – many people are trying to verify from multiple sources – probably another day or two before we can get verification on it. Stay tuned, I will provide more information as it becomes available.


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