Posted by: Disillusioned | March 28, 2009

Post from 2/26/09

 Here is an article listing the states reclaiming sovereignty (at this point the majority of the states are asserting 10th amendment rights – I believe at last count it was 31 states):

New Hampshire has entered a bill establishing a permanent state defense force.

A teeny bit of background on why they feel the need to do that – in 2007, the Federal Government took control of the State’s local National Guard units, even though all 50 state governors fought the change in legislation which would change who would be in charge during an emergency or natural disaster (see

)United States aid for the Gaza Strip’s reconstruction will likely top $900 million (I’m confused – who funded and supported the original destruction of Gaza?)

Smith and Wesson guns are recalled

U.S. Energy Department Cannot Account for Nuclear Materials at 15 Locations

This story might or might not be related to articles in a prior email I sent you – here’s info on other ‘missing’ items (funny how the US government is so worried about nuclear capability in Iran when there are missing nuclear missiles and weapon parts RIGHT HERE in the US!!):


Missing Nerve Gas,5143,705283634,00.html

6 lost nuclear missiles from Minot AFB – only five have been accounted for – article also discusses the mysterious deaths of military personnel involved – 6 people died within 7 days

Minot crew commander found dead

Missing Nuclear Weapon Parts

More missing nuclear components


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