Posted by: Disillusioned | March 28, 2009

Post from 2/23/09

Bank Run


Not reported in mainstream media:

There was an electronic bank run on September 18th 2008 – very high power people withdrew $550 BILLION dollars in an hour and a half before they could shut it down. This was the same day they announced an increase of FDIC insurance guarantee up to $250,000 per account. Five days later Secretary Paulson convinced Bush to address the people in the nation stating we needed to have a bailout plan pass within days, or else we faced collapse of our entire economy within days. NOW does the urgency and cost of the 2008 bailout make sense? It appears that Paulson was trying to put back some of that $550 billion that disappeared.

Bush’s 24 Sep speech telling the American people the sky was falling

Congress was threatened with martial law if they did not let this bailout pass

Here’s the kicker – the banks got half of that bailout money, paid themselves millions of dollars just to accept the bailout money, quit making loans and even cuts people’s credit lines. I’m sure you heard about one of the banks buying a new airplane but ended up cancelling the order only after the public threw a fit about it……. Basically the money got put into the system but the bank’s sat on the money – and in essence nothing happened to improve the flow of money, as far as you and I can tell.

Stores Closing


Retail stores closing in 2009

Grocery Stores Begin to Close in California



Planning on riots in the summer








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